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About the Club

Our mission is the development of volleyball in the Strathmore area. Commitment on a fun, competitive environment, with strong focus on fundamentals.

About the club:
Strathmore Chaos Volleyball Club is the creation of Greg Appleyard and Vito Peraino. In 2014, together they coached a local junior high school grade 7-8 girl’s volleyball team. The season was a great success as they took a group of girls and made them volleyball players. After the season, they wanted to find a way that players of different skill levels could be given the opportunity to continue to grow as players through prepared and challenging drills and playtime. What was initially a discussion about a school club became a discussion of a community club.

It wasn’t until Lindsay Hall, a teacher at another local junior high school, joined Greg and Vito that the idea of Strathmore Chaos came alive.

Club Goals:
•Development of teams that can compete at provincial levels
•Development and growth of player fundamentals and sportsmanship
•Creation of multiple age groups with a goal of having teams in the U13 to U18 age groups

Expectation of Club Members:
•To perform in a competitive environment
•Commitment to practicing and developing skills
•All teams, regardless of level, require a positive attitude and good work ethic

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